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Jeroen De Flander is one of the world’s most influential thinkers on strategy execution.

Jeroen De Flander is one of the world’s most influential thinkers on strategy execution and a highly regarded keynote speaker. He appeared on the same conference agenda with prominent thinkers like Michael Porter, Costas Markides, Roger Martin, Robert Kaplan & David Norton and helped more than 31,500 managers in 40+ countries master the necessary execution skills.

His first book Strategy Execution Heroes reached the Amazon bestseller list in 5 countries and was nominated for Management Book of the Year 2012 in the Netherlands. His second book, The Execution Shortcut, reached the #3 spot in its category on Amazon.

Jeroen is co-founder of the performance factory – a leading research, training, and advisory firm focused solely on helping individuals and organizations increase performance through best-in-class strategy execution.

He has worked with several business schools including London Business School, IMD, Vlerick, Solvay, and Tias. For several years, he was the responsible manager worldwide of the Balanced Scorecard product line for Arthur D. Little, a leading strategy consulting firm.

He has advised 75+ companies including Atos Worldline, AXA, Bridgestone, Brussels Airport, CEMEX, Credit Suisse, GDFSUEZ, Honda, ING, Johnson & Johnson, Komatsu, Nike and Sony on various strategy and strategy execution topics.

Current Activities

Keynote Speaker
Jeroen De Flander educates people on strategy and strategy execution. So far, he has reached out to 28,500 people in 40+ countries. His goal is to reach 50,000 people in 50 countries by the time he turns 50.

Chairman, Institute for Strategy Execution
The Institute for Strategy Execution is the global accreditation body for strategy execution practitioners.


Faculty member, in-company universities
Jeroen De Flander is a resident faculty member in several in-company leadership academies, teaching leaders tips and tricks on how to improve their strategy and strategy execution skills. Companies include GDFSUEZ, Sabic, Alstrom and bpost.

Managing Director, the performance factory
the performance factory helps leaders, future leaders and organizations increase performance through best-in-class performance. It offers senior executive boutique consulting, strategy execution training programs, and benchmarking strategy execution capabilities. The “Strategy Execution Barometer” is the leading worldwide resource for practical, fact-based strategy execution market data.

Professor, Tias School for Business and Society
Tias School for Business and Society is a leading European business school based in the Netherlands. Jeroen runs the annual 3-day strategy execution Master Class, part of the Executive Masters program.

Guest lecturer
Since 2009, Jeroen De Flander is a guest lecturer at several business schools including London Business School (UK) , IMD (Switserland), Vlerick (Belgium), Essec (France), UTAS (Australia) and Solvay (Belgium).

Strategy Execution Canvas certification program
To give leaders the necessary skills to execute company strategy, Jeroen developed a specific strategy execution certification program based on the core concepts from Strategy Execution Heroes. Since 2012, he have run this program in 10 countries, reaching out to 3,000+ leaders. 

Selection Jeroen De Flander quotes:

“Strategy is thinking about a choice and choosing to stick with your thinking”

”You cannot be everything to everyone. If you decide to go north, you cannot go south at the same time.”

“A strategy, even a great one,  doesn’t implement itself”

“From Good to Great is nice, but knowing when great is good enough is even better.”

“Don’t fool yourself: having a strategy map is not the same as having a strategy”

“Strategy Execution isn’t something other people should worry about while you are doing something far more important”

“If companies would invest as much time in their strategy cascade as they do in their budgeting process, most would perform a lot better”

“Don’t go for small commitments on big things, but aim for big commitments on small things”

“What’s the use of measuring speed if you don’t go in the right direction”

“If you have too many rear view mirrors , it will be very difficult to see the road ahead”

“Just because someone said yes to you doesn’t mean something is going to happen. Most of the yeses we get are noes in disguise”