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Strategy Execution Book I 1 Page Book Summary The Execution Shortcut

Strategy Execution Book: 1 page book summary from The Execution Shortcut by Jeroen De Flander.

The Execution Shortcut – book summary

How to Take an Execution Shortcut

Central question: Why do some strategies take the hidden path to success and others never reach the finish line?

Answer: Human dynamics—the execution villains—are the reason why most strategies take the long route to the finish line. If we aspire to get a better return from our strategy, then we must learn how these human behaviors impact the idea journey and how to deal with them.

In short, we need a H3-connection. 

HEAD people need to be aware of your strategy:

  • Facilitate SMALL choices. Provide prioritization guidelines to align day-to-day choices with the big choice (Lisa’s Dilemma, Michael Porter’s No, Railway) 
  • Keep the Big Choice Clearly Visible. Keep the original big choice clearly visible (The Tripping Point, A Horse is Not a Zebra)
  • Draw a Finish Line. Capture the core of your strategy and show everyone in an inspiring way what strategy success looks like (200 Doors, Man on the Moon)
  • Re-measure. Provide a compact measurement set and remove useless signposts (Yasso 800, Billy Beane, Players Versus Coach)

HEART people need to care about your strategy:

  • Share Strategy Stories. Add context and emotion to the strategy to make people feel the big choice (The Kidney Heist, The Zambia Story, Jared’s Diet)
  • Climb the Micro-commitment Ladder. Don’t settle for small commitments on big things. Go after big commitments on small things (5 x Yes, Hospitals and Cockpits)
  • Go Beyond Self Interest. Celebrate small victories on the road making people believe in a big victory at the finish line (Bannister, Pygmalion, and Golem)   

HANDS — people need energy to drive your strategy: 

  • Tackle CO2mplexity. Embrace simplicity and create a productive working environment (The Last Zen Master, Tata’s Dream, The Simplicity Tightrope)
  • Experience the Power of Habits. Automate small decisions to save energy (Nun and CEO, Strategy Eats Culture)
  • Find Your 7-day Rhythm. Connect decision horizons: find a spot for strategy in everyone’s weekly agenda (South Pole Expedition, Hip Surgery, Strategy Anchors)

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Want to know more about strategy execution?

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