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Jeroen de Flander - Speaking

We all talk too much and do too little

Jeroen de Flander
art of performance by Jeroen De Flander

Talking is overrated. It’s what we do that matters. But if we are honest, we all talk too much and do too little.

We say that the new company strategy is the best we had in years but, deep down, we don’t really understand it.

We say a good leader needs to act transparent, but that last little project hick-up is best covered up. It might cost us our next promotion. And, it’s very likely that nobody will notice anyway.

We say people development is crucial, but we don’t need it ourselves and the people in our team are too busy running the business.

We say that simplicity is crucial, but have just implemented two new software tools.

We say communication is key, but allways postpone it until the next phase is ready.

We say strategy execution is important, but we don’t teach our people how to do it.

We say we love innovation and dwell about the success of Apple, but we have not produced a single new idea in the last 12 months and shot at least 20 from our peers.

The problem isn’t in what we say. It’s what we do.